About SOS Promo Products

When you choose SOS Marketing you not only get a great way to promote your business each and every day, you get over 30 years of experience and expertise helping businesses like yours grow. Here’s why you can confidently make us your marketing partner:

INNOVATION. We don’t get to be the best by sitting back on our heels! We were the first to introduce a 13 month calendar—now it’s become the industry standard. SOS Marketing calendars offer you the exclusive Memory Minder stickers—176 full color, removable stickers that make SOS Marketing calendars more interactive so your customers see your ad more often. As a unique, one-of-a-kind calendar it is more likely to be used in the most prominent places. As a deluxe calendar your customers will perceive it as a more valuable gift which creates more goodwill.

QUALITY. We employ cutting edge printing technology like Staccato which replaces dot patterns viewable in traditional printing with high-resolution microdots. This technique produces much finer details, sharper images and virtually photo-quality reproduction.

RECOGNITION. While others boast we can back up our claim. In the last few years SOS Marketing has earned over 50 Awards for Quality from such acknowledged experts as the International Association of Printing Craftsmen and the Printing Industries of America.